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Bar Safari Wingman

Don’t Get Too Excited I’m Only The Wingman/Wingwomen

Safariers, you’ve emailed us, facebooked us, pecked at our heads, even lied to us and been sneaky little things to take your attached pals on Safari. So you want your friends to be all loved up and get to do all of your fun single activities too huh? Well we’ll make a comprise Safari going [...]

Single Sydney

Shit Married People Say To Single People

You know, you should’ve stuck with ___ ( insert name of an ex) You need to put yourself out there You know, if you’re gay, that’s alright I’m SO glad I’m married and I don’t have to worry about THAT anymore! You need to lower your standards It will happen when you least expect it [...]


The Stigma of Being Single

Safariiers, read this and slay that stigma of being single. This blog piece by Keira Nightingale Gale is just the Bomb dig-adi. Tell her that being single is shameful at your peril. Follow Keira for more pearls of wisdom here: KeiraNightingale Blog It was as if I should not have tweeted about being single or [...]

Sunday night in Sydney

Socialising! Sunday Nights in Sydney

Met a gorgeous Gal or Guy on Safari in Sydney on Friday night? Is it too keen to set a date for Sunday night? Not if you pull one of these little Sunday night date gems out of that bag of yours. 1. $10 barefoot bowls, Bronte Bowling Club – Bronte Take off your shoes [...]

dating safaris geebong yachts

Bar Safaris Come to G-Town

The Adventure that started in Melbourne and Sydney continues in G-Town! Commencing on the 2nd of June, Geelongites will have their first opportunity to depart on a Bar Safari! Exploring 4 of Geelongs coolest bars in a team with their friends, Safariers will meet 18 new fellow Geelonarians along the way. Have a sneak peak [...]

tigerbakers Sydney

To The Watering Hole – Tiger Bakers

A Victoria Street small Bar delight – Tiger Bakers have been hosting intrepid explorers on Safari since 2010! Embark upon a Darlinghurst Bar Safari to experience the Bakers warm hospitality, reserved window seats for spotting your next safariers in crime and to sup on some tasty cocktails (we love the Lychee and Lemongrass Martini). Hosts [...]


There are no single men left in London, or Sydney, or Melbourne

Into the nightlife sounds the alarm and questions where are all the single men in London? We can hear sirens in Sydney and Melbourne too. Where ARE all the single men…Apart from on Dating Safaris or course! If you find them let us know safariiers and into the nightlifes friend, because it sounds like she [...]

harbour bridge

Sydney on a Thursday night Safariers

It’s nearly the weekend, celebrate by getting out and about. From Live music and dancing to free comedy and pool, there is plenty to do in Sydney on a Thursday night – don’t get too drunk though! We expect you’ll be hopping on a Bar Safari tomorrow and meeting lots of new single Gals and [...]


30 Guys You’ll Find Online Dating

A probably highly liable  collection of ‘eligible bachelors’ in Sydney and Melbourne. Over a 1 month period  all of these guys messaged friends of Dating Safaris. Yes, yes we didn’t even hunt this stuff out! Never online dated before? Enjoy this journey in to the World of the teddy lovers, self portrait bathroom shots and those [...]

friends in sydney

How To Meet New Friends In Sydney

30 ways to make new friends in Sydney. From house parties to Speed-dating. A super dooper blog piece on how to meet new people in this wonderful city!